A remarkable event for the Ukrainian Maritime Community was the opening of a branch of the Nautical Institute (NI) on the basis of the Odessa State Maritime Academy in October 2000. It is the first “breakthrough” of that internationally recognized and authoritative dynamic organization to Ukraine, the CIS countries, the Baltic States and countries of Eastern Europe.

This fact is certainly a fair evidence of the recognition of the enormous Ukrainian potential in the sphere of Maritime Industry, the professionalism and achievements of our maritime specialists: researchers, seafarers, port workers.

The principal objective of the new organization is the familiarization of the Ukrainian Maritime Community with the processes and the developments in the World Maritime Industry, priority research and elaboration’s, the latest achievements and the problems arising, as well as cooperation and mutual information exchange, the facilitation of the further competence improvement of our maritime specialists.

The framework of the Branch structure and the statute of the newly formed society were the first acts of the constituent meeting. The organization numbered then only 50 members. The consequent period was very productive: too much was written, told, performed, published.

In 2001 the NI Branch acquired a new status: it was registered as a national public organization “Nautical Institute of Ukraine”. “Sea Review”, a quarterly analytic information magazine regularly issued, is supposed to be a “unifying” publication aimed at a closer collaboration of the organization members. Lately it has become an international edition (International Maritime Journal).

The Institute management is engaged in attracting new members, now there are already, more than 300 people in it, including masters, officers, shore maritime officials, managers. employees and cadets. On the NIU’s site will be reviewed the most pressing problems and issues: research and investigation results, experience data of interest for the Ukrainian Maritime Community will appear on the Site. We hope it to be useful to everyone who chooses to visit us. Welcome to our Site.

Professor Vladimir Torskiy, FNI
Honorary Secretary of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine (NI Ukrainian Branch)
With support of the “Anglo Eastern Ukraine”
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