Member of the Ukrainian branch of the Nautical Institute can be any qualified specialist – the navigator, the pilot, the cadet of navigation faculty (the status – a member, the associated member, the student), and also the specialist (or the student), whose activity is connected to sea navigation, the ship builder, the sea engineer, the lawyer, etc. Details in the Russian version of site.

Benefits of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine Membership

  1. Membership confers professional recognition. Membership is mentioned in your title.
  2. The Institute keeps members up to date.
  3. The Institute provides an exclusive collection of self study programmes for those seeking professional development (Preparation for Pilotage, Preparation to become a Nautical Surveyor, Preparation to become a Harbor Master, Preparation to become a Lecturer or Trainer, etc.).
  4. SEAWAYS and SEA REVIEW will be sent to you monthly without extra charge.
  5. 30% discount is given to members on all Nautical Institute publications (professional books, conference and seminar proceedings).
  6. Exchange and publication of information and ideas on nautical science.
  7. Participation in seminars and conferences held by the Institute and its Branches worldwide.
  8. Getting information from the NI website
  9. Reduced fees for conferences and schemes are given to members.
  10. Subscription fee 50% discount for the members working ashore.

The NI Webinars

Welcome to ‘Webinars’ – a section designed to provide you with access to useful and thought-provoking content. Simply select one of the webinars categorized on the previous webinars section shown on right.

The Nautical Institute provides a series of Webinars on Technical issues that it feels will be of interest to its members, these webinars were started many years ago as ‘virtual Branch meetings’ but have become more popular during the challenging times of Covid.

The live webinars are open to all but the recordings are only available to NI Members. Most webinars run for about an hour and comprise a presentation followed by Q&A. The scope of interests are wide to reflect our members’ interests and in 2020 included topics such as Hatch Cover Inspections, Block chain, Mindfulness in Shipping and Modern Weather Forecasting just as an example.

Members are encouraged to use the webinars as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and certificates are provided to those who attend the live events. Members are also encouraged to offer feedback on future topics that might be of interest.


Continue to enjoy the many benefits your NI membership provides:

  • worldwide recognition of your status as a maritime professional
  • take free online maritime and business training courses
  • keep abreast of key industry developments through Seawaysmagazine
  • protect yourself against criminalisation with legal fees cover
  • have your voice heard at the IMO and other key industry bodies
  • join regular technical webinars and access the recordings
  • keep a log of your CPD in the MY NI area of the Institute’s website
  • enjoy a big discount on all Nautical Institute books
  • network with colleagues, employers and customers
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