The Code of conduct of the members of the
Nautical Institute of Ukraine.
Approved at the general meeting of the members of the
Nautical Institute of Ukraine
on May 17th, 2001

The code of conduct is applied to all members of t he Nautical Institute of Ukraine; the members of the Institute shall follow the Code in all circumstances.

According to the Regulations of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine, its members may represent different nautical professions: officers and cadets of merchant and fishing fleets and Navy, representatives of pilotage and port control services, surveyors, managers of the shipping companies and of those companies associated with other marine business, maritime trainers and teachers, representatives of marine authorities. The professionals share the same idea: navigation is an art, and the same purpose: safe and efficient operation of seagoing craft.

Duties. The member of the Nautical Institute is obliged:

  • participate in The Nautical Institute of Ukraine activities.
  • promote attraction of new members to the Institute.
  • fulfil their official duties competently, in a conscientious and diligent manner in accordance with quality and safety standards.
  • operate and maintain their ships safely and efficiently.
  • not take personal benefits contrary to the benefits of their professional duties.
  • be honest in relations with business partners, colleagues in the Nautical Institute, fellow professionals including those serving under them and to the public who may be affected through their unprofessional conduct.
  • fulfil their professional duties efficiently and to high standards in accordance with their Companies and Nautical Institute requirements.
  • follow the policy of marine environment protection both on duty and off duty.
  • ensure that during salvage operations and in an emergency saving of life takes precedence.
  • be impartial when carrying out sea accidents investigations and contribute to determination of truth in every possible way.
  • ensure the ship is seaworthy in accordance with the existent requirements.
  • take all reasonable precautions to prevent unlawful acts from taking place on board.
  • take all reasonable measures to maintain, upgrade and update qualifications and competence, contribute actively to the development of safety navigation professional standards.
  • encourage and support the training of subordinates.
  • seek to keep up to date with new developments.
  • uphold the dignity, reputation, standards and prestige of the profession.
  • uphold the reputation of The Nautical Institute, including the use of personal contacts with the media.
  • follow the provisions of The Nautical Institute Constitution and Code of Conduct.
  • maintain confidentiality of the information provided by a client.
  • respect the colleagues’ opinion, carry out discussions in a self-possessed, correct manner.
  • participate in The Nautical Institute of Ukraine activities.
  • promote attraction of new members to the Institute.
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